Who does Chris Bayee think he is?

A husband, father, hockey fan and sometime hockey player, that’s who!

Also, a hockey writer and editor with more than 20 years of pro experience at daily newspapers (including as a senior sports copy editor at the Orange County Register at the moment), hockey-themed publications (including editor of California Rubber Hockey Magazine) and a major web site (NFL.com). Like you, I eagerly anticipate each new issue of The Hockey News (guys, if it’s in The Hockey News it’s got to be true!), and I consider NHL Center Ice to be one of the most important inventions of our time.

This blog will follow the goings on concerning hockey players from California, as well as provide you with periodic updates on the book I’m writing about the history of the game in the Golden State.

3 thoughts on “Who does Chris Bayee think he is?”

  1. Hey Chris,

    How’s it going? I wanted to let you know that a local San Diego girl recently committed to D1 Union College for the 2011/12 school year. She played locally, then with the Lady Ducks for a year, then 3 years at Gilmour Prep in Ohio. Finishing her high school career with nearly 300 points. She’s a sniper.

    Also, my son, Max graduated from Tilton last May and ended up in the AJHL for the Northern Cyclones…having a decent 1st year of Junior hockey with 19 goals and 17 assists through 37 games. Looks like he will be back next year as he continues his pursuit of a D1 opportunity. We’ll see where he ends up.

    Take care,

    Steve Balaban

  2. Hi Chris,
    As a fifty year old hockey player and fan who played youth hockey in So Cal and Minor Pro in some pretty dull places in the U.S., I am glad to see that the Golden State is finaly getting the praise that has been so deserved for a VERY LONG TIME. Back in the 70’s and 80’s when USA Hockey was the old AHAUS, California was sending teams to the national championships and doing quite well. We had lads playing NCAA, Jr.B, Junior A Tier II, and Major Junior (as it used to be called), as well as those attending high schools and prep schools in the midwest and the east coast. We were a little raw, but we really could bring it!! Craig Coxe (Vancouver Canucks), Mike Mcgrath (University of Wisconsin), Matt Hervey (WHL & NHL), just to name a few. Just remember about all the the guys that came before and paved the way for the trend we see now in our state….Thanks for the weblog and hope you have smooth ice for life…..
    Damon Drake

    1. Thank you Damon. That has been one of the most remarkable parts of my research — discovering just how many good players there were from California in the 1960s, 70s and 80s. It wasn’t on the scale that it is now, but it was there. … And there were teams from CA going to Nationals as far back as the 60s, and winning or nearly winning them in the 70s. These men deserve some long-overdue recognition!

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