Buddy McKinnon, a California treasure

I had the opportunity recently to speak with one of the true gentlemen in the game in California – Coach Buddy McKinnon.

McKinnon’s sphere of influence is huge among the coaching fraternity in Southern California, after all, in his 45 years in the state, he’s coached and mentored many of them.

It’s no different with his former players, who revere him, and with scouts from every league you can think of. To a one, they swear by him.

Why is this? For one, McKinnon has always had the players’ interests at heart – not his own, not someone else’s. He told me he recognizes that no one is bigger than the game, and that the game can offer a lot of opportunities if you approach them the right way.

One coach referred to McKinnon as the dean of Southern California hockey coaches – you’ll get no argument here.

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  1. Do you know where buddy is these days? I would like to meet up with him again! Great article. Buddy is a so cal legend! Best guy around the rink!

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